Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Call To Adventure (or, Genesis)

Welcome. If you're reading this, you probably fit into one of two groups: those who have followed a link from anywhere I've posted it, or those who accidentally clicked on this blog in Google. Either way, I'd ask you to stay for just a moment and read what I have to say.

I should start by introducing myself. The name's Tom Kline. As of this writing, I am 18 years old, and hail from Upstate New York. I am, as my bio states, a "student by day, actor/podcaster/aspiring writer by night." I have been published by Bohemian Alien (a Christian website that sadly died shortly after my work was featured, which is why I have no link), as well as by my school's Creative Journal. Also, I can be heard (almost) every week on Counter Culture Weekly, a media and pop culture podcast.

I started this blog in addition to my Giant Bomb blog because I wanted to cover broader topics in an environment where people might actually read them. This gives me a space to post book, movie, and music reviews, as well as any interesting topics or rants I may have. Plus, if I post a blog on Giant Bomb, I'll probably post it here as well.

I'll get into specifics about how my reviews will work soon, but let me just say that it may or may not involve ratings out of 5 and/or a list of strengths and weaknesses for each piece of media I review. Honestly, I haven't decided, and probably won't until I'm ready to write my first review (which should be anywhere from 1-2 weeks from now, assuming all goes well).

Anyway, it's late, and I've got some stuff to do before I go to sleep. So, before I go, allow me to apologize for any lack of comprehension. It is, after all, 10:40 PM when I'm writing this.

Well, that's all for now. Check back every now and then, as I'm sure I'll post new stuff all the time. Until then, this is Tom "SteepInKline" Kline, and I'm Oscar Mike!


MetalGearSunny said...

Glad to see that I have influenced people to finally create blogs of their own. Having your own website is cool. You feel like you're in control of everything.

SteepInKline said...

I know, right? It feels like I can do anything and people will pay attention. It's kinda awesome, and kinda frightening at the same time.

MetalGearSunny said...

I just noticed that you listed my blog in you links section.